Why Do People Respond the Way They Do?

Hey friends, I’ve been asked before why do people respond the way they do? and I wanted to share this video with you about how you can better equip yourself to handle those daily responses from people that really get under your skin. …and if you think about it when someone responds to you and…

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11 Years Ago Today

Today’s message is special because it’s about the anniversary of our home. We moved into our first home 11 years ago today on the 9th of September, when Luke was only 3 months old. Almost a year before Amber and I got married, which for me moving into this house symbolizes the beginning of the…

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How to Earn Money Fast, is it a Scheme?

This article was written to share with you the details about How to Earn Money Fast, as well as if it’s a scheme or not! The funny thing is, most people tell me that if you make money fast.. it must be a scheme!! Personally, I believe that working 40 hours a week, for 40+…

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