Empower Network V2 Review – What You Need 2 Know About ENV2!

The Empower Network V2 Viral Blogging System or ENV2™ as it’s called. Is getting ready to launch this September and will change the marketing industry as a WHOLE… this article will tell you what you need to know and whether or not you should get involved with the Empower Network. If you didn’t know, when the Empower…

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Visiting Bishop Castle in Colorado!

Wanted to share my experience from Visiting Bishop Castle In Colorado with you.. Because it was BadAss! I’ve got to say I had a little Rocky Mountain high and was having trouble looking up.. lol although some cool lady hooked me up with some motion sickness chews and I was able to make this video…

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A Colorado Road Trip

Wanted to share a small clip with you it was fun to make and made me laugh. Well any way stay tuned for all of my new content that is coming from my recent trip to Colorado. Where I’ll share with you about the Don’t be a Wussy event in Denver we attended… all the…

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