A Colorado Road Trip

Wanted to share a small clip with you it was fun to make and made me laugh. Well any way stay tuned for all of my new content that is coming from my recent trip to Colorado. Where I’ll share with you about the Don’t be a Wussy event in Denver we attended… all the way to the Bishop Castle. We also saw the Sangre De Cristos mountains and went swimming in the Snow Melted Arkansas River.

The best part is this is just a small teaser of all the small adventures we went on, when we traveled out west. As well as our trip home where we experienced something unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before, which I’ll get to in a later post. You see I had numerous Breakthroughs that seemed to heighten and enlighten me throughout the trip and I wanted to share all of the different experiences with you.

With that said… I hope you enjoyed the video and stay tuned for all of the exciting content that will be getting added here about my recent Road Trip to Colorado and back Home Safely.

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