Don’t Hate ~ Meditate! ~ (((-*-)))

Sharing this message with you guys was awesome because Mediation has single handily changed my life. The matter of the fact is that when you become aware and take a deep breath you can change your state. Which by default will change the way you’re thinking and the way your feeling.

I know form personal experience because it’s this exercise of meditation that brings me peace as well as awareness. That’s why it’s important to take the time to learn a few simple breathing exercises and simply chill out!

The reality is that you can start right NOW by breathing in and out like the tide of the ocean goes back and forth never stopping or pausing. Or you can do a simple search online for meditation exercises and when you find a breathing exercise that resonates with you that’s the one 4U!

So stop hating on yourself or other people because you’ll only get more things to complain about TRUST ME on that!

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