Elur – Can Elur Handle The Buzz?


Will Elur Be Able To Handle The Buzz?

Elur is a new nutritional company that is launching right now as we speak. It is still early to really see who is the management team. They are based out of Tampa Florida. And Have Pushed back their start-up date unknown right now.

Elur‘s pre launch product line includes four core nutriional formulas, but it is difficult to determine if the product is in pill or juice format. The big thing with all these network marketing companies of today. Is there use of outdated marketing techniques. For instance every company out there begins your ‘list’ with your top 100 friends and family.

How Will You Build Your Elur Business?


Although this sounds freaking awesome to start up a business with your Mom, Dad, Aunt Betty, Cousin Larry, and all your best friends. As if they will all see the same vision as you. Then suddenly magic happens and you will be a top earner with all your friends. Wrong you see 95% of you ‘list’ will never join you. That has a lot to do with the fact that everyone has heard of one of ‘those companies’. You must learn how to generate your own laser targeted leads.

Getting down to if Elur is a legitimate company or not. I could only say that only time will tell. Whether they can surive a launch and the first 5 years of starting out. The reason so many people get excited about a launch is to capitalize on the hype and traffic. Then turn around and funnel that traffic to there ‘opportunity or service’.


Stop Harassing Your Friends And Family With Elur!

You build a highly target list of people who contacted you to join your business. Having completely targeted leads entering your business. With out the hassle of chasing your friends and family away. This is a great way to build your business being able to sift through your leads and recruit the “qualified” ones into your business. Because you have to make sure they are a fit for your business that is key.

Get instant access to a FREE gift now. Where you will find out how to have your prospects literally eating from your hands with out having your family move out of your area code. This strategy works for any business opportunity even Elur.

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