Gaining Momentum

Shot this video when CZA and I crossed over the Mississippi River on our way to Denver Colorado heading to the Don’t Be a Wussy Event! Which when we stopped in Davenport you could certainly feel the flowing energy of the Mississippi River. So I decided to shoot a video about momentum and it reminded me of when the Chicago Blackhawks Won the 2013 Stanley Cup.

If you did not know the Blackhawks were trailing 2-1 with 1:30 left on the clock and time was quickly disappearing. The fact of the matter is the Hawks never quit they pressed forward searching for a game tying goal and in a instant Bryan Bickell scored that goal. Which instantly changed the momentum of the game. Then 17 seconds later Dave Bolland scored the game winning goal and just like that the Hawks went on to seal off the game and win their 2nd Stanley Cup in the last couple years!

Which reminds me… of the how there’s been a shift of momentum in my life as well. Because I have a lot of people thanking ME for HELPING them become successful online.. and by default I’ve been able to experience more success on many levels. I believe when you can help others breakthrough in their lives and see past the restraints that are metaphorically holding them back in life… you’ll see how the universe seems to bend for you and how you can design the life of your dreams!

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