Visiting Bishop Castle in Colorado!

Wanted to share my experience from Visiting Bishop Castle In Colorado with you.. Because it was BadAss! I’ve got to say I had a little Rocky Mountain high and was having trouble looking up.. lol although some cool lady hooked me up with some motion sickness chews and I was able to make this video and climb up on the castle.

I’ve got to say this castle and the story behind it was really cool about How a single man named Jim Bishop starting building this castle 40 years ago. Jim built it all by himself without any outside contracting. The best part is this proves what a single human being can do when you put your mind to it. Think about it when castles were built by kings back in the day they had hundreds even thousands of people who built their castles for them.

Now that you know about this awesome location in Colorado maybe you’ll visit it when you go there. If you’ve ever been to the castle or you thought this story was awesome please like, share, or comment below and tell me your thoughts… We’ll talk soon have a great day!!

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