Why Do I LOVE Lemons So Freaking Much?

If you’ve been feeling tired or sluggish then you most likely have high PH levels in your body. Which instead of trying to consume more CAFFEINE and Energy Drinks. Try instead to eat as many lemons as you can over the next two weeks and see what happens. Because from personal experience I know you’ll be revitalized and have a heightened sense of awareness.

Because lemons have an alkalizing effect on the body when they’re consumed. Meaning lemons will actually bring the PH levels in your body down. Which is important because if you have an acidic body you’ll have more aches and pains as well as cloudy sluggish thoughts. then if your body was alkaline.

With that said..  If you liked this video please like, share, or comment on it and tell me what your thoughts are about lemons! Now what are you waiting for? Go grab some lemons from the store and try it out yourself. You’ll be glad you did!

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