Why Do People Respond the Way They Do?

Hey friends, I’ve been asked before why do people respond the way they do? and I wanted to share this video with you about how you can better equip yourself to handle those daily responses from people that really get under your skin.

…and if you think about it when someone responds to you and it seems like an attack the reality is that they were not equipped with the right tools at that moment. Which allowed them to respond in a seemingly negative way, maybe they were having a bad day, or maybe someone just cut them off. What ever it is that unequipped them, remember we have the ability to re-empower them!

Do you know, you can easily change someones state? For instance you can ask a question that breaks their state.. something like, how did it feel when your child was born? Or can I see your teeth? Really any question works better than taking it personal and believing that they are attacking you.

With that said… Another approach to helping break someones state is to take them on a walk. Because when people go on a walk, it literally changes their physiology and changes the balance of their mind and simultaneously changes their mood.

So the moral of the story is to remember that when someone responds at you in a way. Remember what I said, and instead of responding back negatively thinking they are attacking you. Take another look at the situation and ask yourself, was that a loving response, or was that a cry for help?

You never know, maybe all they needed was someone who could listen and not respond back at them negatively. Because I remember my Mom saying that two wrongs don’t make a right.

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